Mortgages for Doctors WE CAN HELP YOU with your mortgage Quick and easy process. We take care of the paperwork. Working with doctors for over 15 years.

Tailored Doctors Mortgage Services Medical professionals may often have more than one source of income. As a locum doctor or GP with a recent change in employment you may find lenders difficult to deal with but don't worry we can help!

We can source and arrange your doctors mortgage from the whole market and we have an exceptional reputation for customer service. Deal with us and we will guide you through the house buying process from start to finish.

Mortgage for a new GP Partner

New GP Partner with no financial accounts? Our mortgage advisers have a wealth of experience successfully arranging mortgages for Doctors for over 15 years.

We specialise in mortgages for doctors and can help with new GP Partner’s looking for a mortgage and newly qualified or salaried GP’s. If you are self employed but don’t have a track record of self employment we can help.

Foundation Doctor Mortgage

Getting a mortgage as a Foundation doctor or specialty trainee is not always as straightforward as you may think. Many foundation doctors find they do not fit bank or building society criteria. Our specialist advisers will source the best doctors mortgage deals for you and ensure you are not penalised. Our knowledge of lenders criteria and close relationships with lending underwriters will give your mortgage application the best chance of success.

Locum Doctor Mortgage

Locum doctors have more than one source of income and their finances may not be as clear cut as their contracted colleagues. As a locum doctor or sessional GP with a recent change in employment you may find lenders difficult to deal with. We can present your locum doctors mortgage application so that you have the best chance of securing the mortgage you want.
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Get a mortgage for Doctors Working with doctors for over 15 years

If your looking for a mortgage for doctor. We can help find the best home loan for movers, re-mortgage, first time buyers or second home purchase. Compare the market before you commit to your next mortgage.

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Your mortgage is our priority Our bespoke doctors mortgage service

Relax and let us take the hassle out of your mortgage application. Always available out of hours for any questions you may have. Our business is all about our clients and what we can do to help them.

a consideration for doctors taking out a mortgage is adequate life insurance.
Giving doctors financial peace of mind Securing your future

We don’t just arrange great mortgages for doctors. Our service includes recommendations for all the insurance cover you need for your mortgage. Helping enhance doctors sick pay benefits is a keystone of our business.

Get a free doctors mortgage quote now, we're ready to help. We can source and arrange your next mortgage from the whole market and we have an exceptional reputation for customer service. Deal with us and we will guide you through the house buying process from start to finish.

About Doctors Mortgages

Doctors Mortgages are one of the UK’s leading specialist Mortgage and Insurance Brokers. Our mortgage for doctors service can assist where others can’t.

We have a clear aim – to provide straight forward mortgage advice relating to your unique personal circumstances. Our knowledge and experience will ensure doctors get the best deal on their mortgage and insurance.

We have a wealth of experience arranging mortgages for doctors and helping with their financial affairs. Our commitment to medical professionals over the past 15 years has given us an invaluable insight into doctors working practices. We have knowledge of the NHS contracts and pay scales, General Practice earnings and career paths of doctors during and post foundation programme. If you are a hospital doctor at any level or a salaried GP or GP partner talk to us about your mortgage.

How Doctors Mortgages can help you

Complete this short form to get a free mortgage quote from an in-house adviser If you are a doctor and would like to discuss your mortgage questions with us directly, give us a call at 07756 422414

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Think carefully before securing other debts against your home.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other debt secured on it.

Frequently Asked Mortgage Questions If you would like to discuss your mortgage for doctors with us directly, give us a call at 07756422414

Should doctors be hung up on getting the best mortgage deal?

Do doctors get better mortgage deals from lenders? Well interestingly, yes but they are few and far between. The majority of mortgage lenders don’t use the applicants profession when assessing a mortgage application. This means that the deals on offer are the same for all applicants.

There are however a small number of lenders who recognise the needs of professional mortgage applicants such as doctors. These lenders offer enhanced product ranges with sympathetic underwriting suited to the different types of employment a doctor may pursue.

We believe doctors should always look to get the best mortgage deal and most medics will have no difficulty applying, but sometimes there is a compromise to be made between mortgage approval and getting the best mortgage deal on the market. For example doctors pay banding is widely misunderstood by the majority of mortgage lenders so doctors should be prepared for a narrow range of options if they look to take out a mortgage at this stage of their career. As specialist mortgage brokers working solely on behalf of UK doctors our job is to help manage the expectations of our clients looking for a mortgage.

What Is a Doctors Mortgage Broker?

There are always options available for a doctor buying a property or re-mortgaging their existing home. A skilled mortgage adviser will ensure doctors are always getting the best deal whatever their circumstances.

Doctors mortgage brokers have an in depth knowledge of a variety of mortgage lenders criteria. They will save time and effort for any doctor looking for a mortgage. With one point of contact doctors will have access to the main mortgage deals and some exclusive products and rates that wont be available by going direct to the lender.

How do lenders assess doctor’s mortgage applications?

Mortgage lending has been scaled up to the point now where most decisions are based on computer algorithms. They look to assess an application against a lenders set criteria and policy. It can be frustrating as a doctor with a secure career path and above average earnings to find themselves refused a mortgage. Mortgage lenders will only accept basic earnings in their calculation of affordability or require a permanent contract of employment. Foundation doctors could be particularly frustrated by this.

The days of explaining your financial position to an open eared local bank manager are unfortunately long gone. Nowadays doctors need to do some homework in order not to fall foul of the new regime. It’s an obvious suggestion but we would urge doctors to seek mortgage advice from a specialist doctors mortgage broker and take advantage of their knowledge in this area.

Why do I need a specialist doctor mortgage broker?

With the Mortgage Market Review rules now in place, lenders are required to undertake a full in-depth review of an applicants circumstances in order to give advice on their own mortgage products and are no longer able to give any information without having assessed the customers position. This process can take well in excess of an hour to complete for each lender approached. Your time is better spent with a specialist mortgage broker who gives advice on deals from lenders across the market.

Mortgage approval as a doctor can be more difficult than it used to be. It’s more important than ever that doctors consider using the services of a professional mortgage broker. Their specialist knowledge to will match doctors mortgage requirements to a lender and make the whole process a lot easier.