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If you are a doctor we would love to hear from you. Our specialist advisers WILL HELP YOU with your mortgage. Quick and easy process. We take care of your application. We only work with medical professionals and have over 20 years experience

Doctors Mortgages

We are a Specialist Medical Mortgage Broker With over 20 years experience working with doctors at all grades

As a medical professional you may have a more complex income from more than one source

We get it and we can make sure all of your income is maximised on your application.

If you have locum income or private practice earnings as well as a NHS salary you may find banks and building societies difficult to deal with. As GP with little or no self employment history it can be difficult to know where to start.

Don’t worry we can help.

We will present your application to the best high street lenders to maximise your income structure and your situation.

We have many years experience sourcing mortgages for medics and our results speak for themselves.

Get specialist mortgage advice for doctors, we’re ready to help.

We will source and arrange your mortgage from the WHOLE MARKET and we have an exceptional reputation for customer service. Deal with us and we’ll guide you through the house buying process from start to finish.

Self employed GPs Self employed with no accounts?

Do you need help with your mortgage as a new self employed GP? We can help even if you dont’t have any history of self employment or accounts. Our relationships with well known high street banks will ensure your mortgage applictaion is approved quickly and easily. Find out the best rates and deals before you commit to an application.

Locum Doctor helping self employed doctors

Relax and let us take the hassle out of your self employed mortgage application. Our specialist doctors mortgage brokers are always available out of hours for any questions you may have. Talk to us about your mortgage application and find out how we can help even if you don’t have accounts. Self employed locum mortgages are available.

Junior Doctor buying your first home

Newly qualified doctors can get a mortgage throughout their training programme. We are able to help junior doctors on fixed term contracts who may find lenders just don’t understand complex NHS payslips, rotations and career progression. Don’t get frustrated by the maze of lenders criteria, contact us today.

Independent, impartial mortgage advice to the medical profession

As one of the UK’s leading specialists, our mortgage advice service can assist where others can’t.

Our medical mortgage advisers have over 20 years experience arranging mortgages for doctors and helping them achieve their property goals. As we only advise medical professionals we have built up an enviable network of contacts at well known banks and building societies. We are ready to offer a solution, even in the most complex situations.

We have knowledge of NHS contracts and doctors pay scales, General Practice earnings and career paths of junior doctors during and post foundation programme. If you are a hospital doctor at any level or a salaried GP or GP partner talk to us about your mortgage. We can help if you have additional allowances, locum income or banding on top of your basic salary.

How we are securing mortgages for doctors this month

Testimonials Read some of our client experiences

Understands doctors contracts to help secure you a mortgage.

This is the second time we have used Doctors Mortgages. We got quite far with another broker, but just found that they were baffled by doctors terms and conditions. It was reassuring when our broker assured us that our situation was very normal to him and that he didn’t foresee a problem getting us an offer. It took a bit of time to come through, but he delivered as promised and we are pushing ahead to hopefully move before I start my GP training in August. Thank you.

Laura Rogalski
GP, Dorset

I will definitely be recommending you

Thanks for all your help over the last few days. We found your work extremely efficient and useful and in hindsight would have been better off using your service from the beginning. I will definitely be recommending you when we have friends looking to start mortgage applications.

Dr N Ridge
Consultant, Birmingham

Excellent service

We remortgaged during the “mini budget” period when interest rates were rising quickly. David secured us a great product in less than 24 hours which safeguarded our financial future. Excellent advice and service. Strongly recommend

Consultant, West Yorkshire

Cheerful, responsive and helpful!

Quick and straightforward advice and got me a good rate at a difficult time, particularly being self employed as locum. Very quick responses to queries, made my life very much easier!

Kate Lanary
Locum GP Bournemouth

David was a huge help

David was a huge help in navigating the process of applying for a mortgage. As a large portion of my income is from night/weekend enhancements and my partner is self-employed, we were worried that we would not be able to secure a mortgage. However with David’s help we were able to get a mortgage offer and onto the property ladder!

FY2, North East England

Highly recommend!!

Having been through the mortgage application before with another company/mortgage broker, I can honestly say this has been the most stress free process. Our application was complicated by me being a newly locum/self employed GP, but David Marina has been exceptional mortgage adviser. We managed to secure a great deal with a bank that I didn’t think I would be able to get given the recent changes in my work contract. Speaking to someone who understands our type of work and pay as doctors and locum GPs meant I got better rates and mortgages deals. Highly, highly recommend! Thank you!

Dr D Ali
Locum GP, London

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Did you know? We are not tied to a specific lender or panel and will source your mortgage from the whole market.

Frequently Asked Mortgage Questions Find quick answers to common questions using our helpful FAQs.

Can I get a mortgage as a trainee doctor?

Yes, you can get a mortgage as soon as you’ve started your Foundation training. Whilst in training you will have to meet the bank or building society mortgage criteria for fixed-term contractors. If you have any questions or would like advice in this area please get in touch.

Do I need an Agreement in Principle (AIP)?

It’s always a good idea to obtain an AIP as it will confirm the amount a mortgage provider will be able to lend you based on their criteria, your credit score and your affordability. Your AIP Certificate will come in handy when you make an offer on a property as the estate agent will view you as a serious buyer who’s done some preparation.

Can I get a mortgage as a locum?

In most circumstances we can secure you a mortgage offer but it will depend on the type of work you do and how you are paid. Get in touch with our specialist medical mortgage advisers to find out if we can help you.

I've been turned down by my own bank, can you help?

Yes! There are lots of lenders out there and they all have different criteria for assessing a mortgage application. We will be able to select the best lender in your circumstances once we understand a bit more about you. Get in touch by using the form on this page.

Can newly qualified doctors get a mortgage?

Yes! Newly qualified doctors can apply for a mortgage as soon as they start their foundation training. Some lenders will even let you apply before you start work as long as you have a confirmed written contract from your NHS Trust.

How long does the mortgage process take?

Our mortgage process is in three stages. First we will get you know you and what you are looking for in a mortgage. Once you are happy with our recommendation we will apply for a decision in principle and the next step is to process your mortgage application. The time an application takes varies depending on complexity, lenders timescales and gathering any additional information the lender’s underwriter may ask for. Some lenders are able to produce a mortgage offer in as little as 24 hours, Yes really! We’ve done it regularly. Others may take a few weeks but in any case we will be there to give regular updates and help with any issues.

How much can I borrow?

Mortgage lenders use different approaches when determaining what you can borrow and unfortunately there is no set calculation. The actual amount will vary depending on the cost of the property you wish to purchase, the size of your deposit, your income and affordability (taking into account and existing or future financial commitments such as your student loan or car finance).

Can doctors get bigger mortgages?

Doctors mortgage applications will be assessed against the lenders criteria so it’s very important your mortgage broker carries out due diligence to ensure you apply to the best lender in your circumstances. Sometimes doctors are not able to borrow as much due to a fixed term employment contract or self-emploment but your specialist mortgage broker will help you choose the best mortgage so you can maximise your earnings.

We aim to get you the very best mortgage rate.

Can I get a mortgage without any accounts?

The majority of mortgage lenders will need to see least 2 years’ accounts or HMRC tax returns. However, it is possible for doctors to get a mortgage with accounts for just 1 years’ certified accounts and in certain circumstances mortgages can be arranged without any accounts at all. This is usually only available for newly self-employed doctors. If you have been self employed for more than 2 years lenders will require 2 years’ accounts or HMRC tax returns.

What is a Professional Mortgage?

Some lenders offer mortgages aimed at professional applicants such as doctors, lawers and accountants. A Professional Mortgage offers advantages such as higher income multiples that mean you may be able to borrow more than you would on the standard mortgage product range.

Do doctors get better mortgage rates?

Interestingly, being a doctor can open special deals from lenders but they are few and far between. The majority of mortgage lenders don’t use the applicants profession when assessing a mortgage application. This means that the deals on offer are the same for all applicants.

There are however a small number of lenders who recognise the needs of professional mortgage applicants such as doctors. These lenders offer enhanced product ranges with sympathetic underwriting suited to the different types of employment a doctor may pursue.

We believe doctors should always look to get the best mortgage deal and most medics will have no difficulty applying, but sometimes there is a compromise to be made between mortgage approval and getting the best mortgage deal on the market. For example junior doctors pay and short term contracts are widely misunderstood by the majority of mortgage lenders. Doctors should be prepared for a narrow range of options if they look to take out a mortgage early on in their career. As specialist mortgage brokers working solely on behalf of UK doctors our job is to help manage the expectations of our clients looking for a mortgage.

Why do I need a specialist medics mortgage broker?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) who regulate the UK mortgage market has rules that require lenders to undertake a full in-depth review of applicants circumstances before they give advice on their own mortgage products. Lenders are no longer able to give any information without having assessed the customers position.

This process can take well in excess of an hour to complete for each lender approached. Your time is better spent with a specialist broker who gives mortgage advice for doctors and understands lenders criteria and deals on offer from across the market.

Mortgage approval as a doctor can be more difficult than it used to be. It’s more important than ever that doctors consider using the services of a professional mortgage broker. Their specialist knowledge to will match doctors mortgage requirements to a lender and make the whole process a lot easier.

What is a Doctors Mortgage Broker?

There are always options available for a doctor buying a property or re-mortgaging their existing home. A professional mortgage adviser will ensure doctors are always getting the best deal whatever their circumstances.

Medics mortgage brokers have an in depth knowledge of a variety of mortgage lenders criteria. They will save time and effort for any doctor looking for a mortgage. With one point of contact doctors will have access to the main mortgage deals and some exclusive products and rates that wont be available by going direct to the lender.

How do lenders assess doctors mortgage applications?

Mortgage lending has been scaled up to the point now where most decisions are based on computer algorithms. They are programmed to assess an application against a lenders set criteria and policy. It can be frustrating as a doctor with a secure career path and above average earnings to find themselves refused a mortgage. Mortgage lenders will only accept basic earnings in their calculation of affordability or require a permanent contract of employment. Junior doctors could be particularly frustrated by this.

The days of explaining your financial position to an open eared local bank manager are unfortunately long gone. Nowadays doctors need to do some homework in order not to fall foul of the new regime. It’s an obvious suggestion but we would urge doctors to seek mortgage advice from a specialist mortgage broker and take advantage of their knowledge and expertise in this area.

Do you offer income protection?

Yes! Doctors Mortgages offer an insurance review service covering all aspects of lifestyle and income protection.

Our knowledge of NHS benefits and doctors pay and conditions means we are best placed to offer tailored advice ensuring you have the cover you need.

Find out more about income protection for doctors today. We are ready to help and assist you.

Get specialist mortgage advice for doctors, we’re ready to help.

Our advisers CAN HELP YOU. Whether you’re buying or re-mortgaging to secure your repayments with a fixed rate, we can help.